Personal Information Management

All your Data. Safe and Secure.

Backup, encrypt, and store all your data to a safe location, so that you can feel safe knowing all your files are secure.

  • Dual-Layered Protection $19.99 / Device

    • Both Cloud and local encrypted backups configured for all your devices (when applicable)
    • Peace of mind knowing your data is safely stored for you and your household in multiple places
    • Most suitable for any household desiring absolute confidence in their backup plan

  • Single-Site Backup (Desktops and Laptops only) $14.99 / Device

    • Local Network storage device for encrypted backups configured for your whole household
    • Easily accessible, no cables required
    • Most suitable for most households where critical data is spread across multiple devices

  • Single-Device Backup $9.99 / Device

    • Configuration of backup to either a physical device or cloud storage
    • Most suitable for households where all critical data is on one device

*Prices listed do not include Co-TechPoint’s $24.99 travel fee / session, or the materials cost – see below

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