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Services We Offer

Providing high quality upgrades, repairs, and consulting services.

We utilize a thorough and proven process to assess and verify all devices we sell. The same process is used before AND after every repair and upgrade. This is to insure that everything about the device is well understood, and addressed. We never incur costs/take any actions without customer approval. Depending on the device, the process includes 18-21 steps, taking 15-30 minutes, and there is no additional charge for this. For any device appraisal, we use the same proven process to determine the current value. All sales come with a 7-day return policy (subject to a return assessment, and restocking fee), and all sales and services come with our 90-day warranty

Services We Offer

Along with Computer Sales, we have a Variety of Services Available

iPhone Screen Replacement

Starting@ $79.99
Dropped your phone and the screen is cracked or stopped working? Bring it in for a repair by one of our expert technicians! Prices range from $79.99 to $324.99 based on model.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Starting@ $69.99
As phones age, their batteries simply can’t hold as much charge. If you find yourself struggling to get through the day without plugging in your phone, you may be in need of a battery replacement! Prices range from $69.99 to $179.99 based on model.

Other iPhone Services

Starting@ $24.99
We offer other iPhone services such as power and volume button replacement, camera replacement, charging port replacement, home button replacement, frame and housing replacement, along with more! *Only available with some models

iPad Screen Replacement

Starting@ $119.99
Found yourself with a big broken screen? We may be able to help you out! Our prices from $119.99 to $499.99 based on model.

iPad Battery Replacement

Starting@ $99.99
iPad battery decay can have a big impact, especially trying to watch movies without the constraint of a cord. If you notice your iPad battery doesn’t last as long as it used to, come on in and get it replaced so you can enjoy your device for the entire plane ride! Prices range from $99.99 to $499.99

MacBook Air/Pro Battery Replacement

Starting@ $49.99
Can’t get up and take your laptop to a coffee shop without it dying? A battery replacement can restore your devices ability to hold charge to the day it was new! Our prices range from $49.99 to $399.99

iMac Memory/ Storage Upgrades

Starting@ $99.99
If you can’t open more than one tab on your web browser without seeing a color wheel, adding more memory may solve that problem! We can also help you out if your computer feels like everything’s running slow with an SSD upgrade! Services start at only $99.99!

MacBook Air/Pro Storage Upgrade

Starting@ $159.99
Laptop bogged down because you ran out of storage? We may be able to help you out! Storage upgrades range from $159.99

Operating System Reinstall

Starting@ $49.99
Want a fresh start on your computer or notice odd issues running slow? An operating system reinstall can help you out! Only 49.99 for iPhones and 99.99 for Macs!

Virus Removal

Starting@ $49.99
Have some odd popups? A program you don’t recognize? Viruses account for a loss of $4.5 billion dollars in households every year! Make sure you don’t fall victim to this scheme and bring your device in today! Virus removal starts at only $49.99!

Data Transfer

Starting@ $49.99
Have an old device that doesn’t work anymore? Maybe some old pictures you’d like off it? Bring it in and see if our technicians can recover it! Data recovery starts at $49.99.

Secure Data Wipe

Starting@ $49.99
Wanting to get rid of an old hard drive? You may want to worry about what data could be pulled off it. “Deleting” something off a hard drive doesn’t actually delete it! It simply allows something to be written over it. Here at CO-TechPoint, we value your privacy and do secure data wipes to give you ease of mind!


Wynter Ackerman

I can’t say more good things about this find. I TRULY needed a computer and to help me along and was unable to get the help I
needed until I found these great people who had a different system of financing. I walked out feeling supported by their team and
have absolute confidence in my apple computer. THANK YOU so much for everything. exclamation points just don’t cut it.

Will Mitelhous

Best around! I took my iPhone for a screen repair a few weeks ago and they fixed it in just 1 hour. The store is nice, clean and spacious with a wide variety of apple products as well. Overall a very friendly and welcoming environment.

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